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Bolivia and FAO are studying the quality of land for quinoa cultivation

The targets of the research is also the creation of the International Center of Quinoa, which will be in charge of the study and dissemination of cereal, he said.

Yesterday, Vice-Minister of Rural Development Victor Hugo Vásquez announced to reporters after the approval of the project by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay in a recent meeting of the Southern Agricultural Council only need the support of the Southern Common Market and the Andean Community of Nations for the implementation of the institute.

Bolivia is trapped for months in spreading the consumption of cereal, that’s why presented the initiative to celebrate the 2013 International Year of Quinoa.


As part of activities for that celebration, this South American country began yesterday a tour with experts, journalists and institutions concerned by the main places where quinoa is grown and produced the called golden grain of the Andes.

Bolivia will participate in late April in a food fair in Canada, with the aim of promoting quinoa in that market.

For FAO, the use of Andean product may contribute to the global fight against hunger and malnutrition.

With the declare of 2013 as International Year of Quinoa, Bolivia expects to increase grain exports, which last year reported incomes of $ 80 million, according to the National Statistics Institute.

A total of 25 countries acquired the product in 2013, including the main consumers United States, France, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Brazil.

2025 is scheduled quinoa production estimated at one million tonnes, which will fight hunger and ensure food sovereignty, according to the government.