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Organic Qañiwa

Organic Qañiwa

Chenopodium pallidicaule, known as qañiwa, qañawa or qañawi is a species of goosefoot, similar in character and uses to the closely related quinoa.

Qañiwa has important beneficial characteristics including tolerance of high mountain conditions, high protein content, high antioxidant capacity and phenolic content and a lack of the saponins which complicate quinoa use.

Among the minerals that contains; phosphorus is with about 496 milligrams, which is 10 times more than chard and spinach. This mineral is involved in the formation and structure of bones and teeth, metabolizes energy in physiological process. It’s an important part in cell division and reproduction, among others.

Ways of Use

Qañiwa can easily be milled to flour and can be prepared further as a toasted qañiwa flour called kañiwaco. Kañiwaco has a nutty-taste and can be mixed with water and milk for a breakfast meal. Since it is rich in calories and proteins, local people take it on long travels. Additionally, qañiwa flour can be used for a lot of other purposes such as bread-making, pastry-making and noodle-making. Some varieties of qañiwa can even be included in sweets, snacks and weaning food mixtures.