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Puffed Quinoa

Pop Quinoa or Expanded is obtained after the grain pearl has passed the process of expansion. This process is the development of roasted quinoa or better known as the "pasankalla" of quinoa.

Get all the big health benefits of quinoa in a delicious puffed cereal. Just add milk to these all natural organic quinoa puffs and eat. No cooking needed. Organic quinoa puffs are a great snack to munch on by themselves as well.

Comrural's Quinoa Puffs can be used as a crunchy, gluten-free topping for yoghurt, porridge, and tasty, healthy salads. They can also be used to decorate your favorite cupcakes.

Try frying the Quinoa puffs in a frying pan with no oil or butter for 20 seconds to make them extra crispy.