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Instant Quinoa

Comrural’s quinoa has been rinsed, precooked and dehydrated to provide the fastest cooking whole grain quinoa on the market! Make as little or as much as you need. Just add to boiled water and rest 5 minutes.

Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and makes an excellent substitute for rice or couscous.

Way of Use

As far back as the Incas, whole quinoa seeds were boiled in water just like rice. The grains absorb a lot of water which results in a dish similar to risotto or rice. But because we are no longer living in the era of the Incas, we have pre-cooked our Quinoa for you. You only need to add boiling water and three minutes later your Quinoa will be ready. The perfect solution if you want to eat a healthy meal, but don’t always have enough time to cook.